Babak  Mobasheri is self-taught versatile artist over 18 years. He is also designer, animator, writer, and film director. He studied at University of the Arts London (LCC), His passion of this brunch of animation for 2D Adobe After Effects and stop-motion can be seen his many short film, commercial and feature film projects.

Babak directed World to World, on March 2013 - 2014, it was his first film nominated in BAFTA Aesthetica Film Festival. He is currently in the development stages of an animated series called: Four Directional Man.

He design and storyboard most of his projects. 


Babakarts Films creates characters. A traditional, 2D, 3D and 4D character animation studio in London, UK. 

He specialize in multi-technique animation, mixing animation methods to create unique looks and solve production challenges. 


Babak art studio Animation brunch can handle the direction of different kinds of Animation projects: commercials, series, TV leaders, short films etc.

Babak can put our efforts in any projects from the concept stage on and direct the project until delivery.

Covering artwork, storyboards, animatics, character development, puppet building, set building, character animation, lighting and framing, editing, SFX, colour grading,…

He enjoy long-term relationships with multi-platform campaigns that often run for years.