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Group and Private Art Tuition by Babak Mobasheri

I have always enjoyed teaching people, and it’s my pleasure to offer you one to one exclusive tuition either in my studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Learning to paint well is something that takes years to master and in this fast moving world it can be very frustrating for talented people to have to wait so long before thoroughly getting to grips with the techniques of painting.

Pure Art is in our soul and not really teachable and the education system is no help at all. Fine art technique is just not covered these days and so artists are left in the dark, experimenting with a trial and error system to gradually bring them to an understanding of how master artists do what they do.

This is where I come in. I can show you in a day what might take you a year or more to work out for yourself. I genuinely enjoy teaching and I am very happy to help as many artists as I can to realize their full artistic potential.

I offer classes in the following mediums:

  • Sketching technique

  • Oil painting technique

  • Acrylic painting technique

My most area of expertise for teaching is:

  • Style: Realism & Surrealism

  • Subject: Portrait & Figurative

What happens in a typical lesson?

My lessons are all about you. I offer my skills and wealth of artistic experience. Whatever you feel would be of most benefit to you is what we do. You would choose which medium you would like to learn and you decide what subject you would like to concentrate upon. It might be a flower for example. I then discuss with you whether you would prefer to watch me demonstrate for techniques, whether you would like to have a go yourself under my guidance, or perhaps you would like to do both. Whatever is most beneficial to you is what we do.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You don’t need to bring any art materials with you, we will use the art materials that I have in my studio. The only thing that might be a help to the lesson is if you could bring some examples of your work along. It is of great help for me to properly evaluate the level you are at and the areas that I feel could be improved upon.

Timetable, Cost & Booking:

Most of my art classes are two or four hours a day. (I prefer not to have a fixed finishing time as it all depends upon when you feel you have absorbed enough for the day)

For all cost, information and booking please refer to: book online page


To arrange a tuition with me, simply contact me using the contact form or e.mail: and we can then discuss mutually convenient dates.

Where is my Studio:

I am in London, United Kingdom.

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